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Our Team

Thomas J. Morahan, P.G.
Principal Scientist 

Thomas J. Morahan is a Professional Geologist with decades of consulting experience in the environmental liability management field.   Mr. Morahan is an expert in contaminant transport hydrogeology and chemistry, including a master’s degree focused on geochemical transport and distribution. Following his tenure as the original geochemist on the USEPA Region II field investigation team for the investigation of uncontrolled hazardous waste sites, he directed or participated in site characterization efforts at hundreds of sites around the world including expert testimony in federal court. Mr. Morahan was a Co-founder of ASTM E-50, co-author of ASTM E 1527 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessment and a member of the ASTM task group currently updating standards on the estimation of environmental liability. Specifically, he is an expert in field site investigation and characterization. His consulting work extends to the evaluation and implementation of a variety of technologies for private and public sector clients.